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I offer procurement services for automobile dealers, importers and resellers and private buyers all over the world. 

I locate and purchase top quality vehicles with the specified options in the German market of used passenger cars, vans and trucks and then prepare the necessary export documents and arrange shipment at reasonable rates. I only offer a procurement service. I locate cars for my clients by their order, however, I have no stock of cars at all.

Over a decade of experience provide me with close insights to the technology and the market situation and stand as guarantee for top value.

Located in the Hamburg area, I have the cars shipped from Bremerhaven or Hamburg harbor to countries all over the world, e.g. in Asia, Africa, South America, the Caribbean, Scandinavia, etc.

For further information, references and requests for a specific vehicle, please feel free to submit your contact information and the details of the desired automobile by e-mail or fax.


Germany provides a wide market of high quality used cars. All over the world, names like Mercedes Benz, AMG, BMW, Audi, Porsche, and Volkswagen stand for high-class technology, quality, and stable value.


Company founder and owner Jens E. Richter is qualified and experienced in the technical field not only as automobile master technician but also as assessor for the values of vehicles or for damages to be claimed from insurances. Besides this is also qualified as export merchant and worked for renown  companies in Germany and their branches throughout the world. Since its foundation in 1991, RICHTERIMPEX is a member in good standing with the Lubeck Chamber of Commerce. RICHTERIMPEX is a consulting agency and offers export service


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