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To avoid penalty fees payable to your customs make sure you order the right car.  Overaged cars my cause high costs when importing to your country!

Each country has it's own import rules and taxes. Before buying a car abroad please ask your customs office and an clearing agent at your port for the actual import law. It may change anytime.

I only know a little about that and I write it down here:


Carros para Angola: Carros usados da Alemanha:
Cars older than three (3) years and trucks older than five (5) years can’t be imported to Angola !!!

Shipments bound for Angolan ports require a Loading Certificate (Certificado de Embarque, Waiver) issued by the shipping agent and  for that the consignee has to provide a D/U (Documento Unico Provisorio) as well as a passport copy.

No age restriction on used cars.
Cars and goods for Cotonou (in transit as well) need to have a Cargo Tracking Note (E/CTN)  - Bordereau Electronique de Suivi des Cargaisons. Shipping agent need a copy of the purchase invoice and a cpoy of the title document.

Used cars imported to Ghana should not be older than 10 years! For over-aged cars the importer has to pay a penalty fee.
Tema is known as the safest port at the West African coast. It is well organized by the authorities. Find some information about auto imports to Ghana at the internet:

Passenger cars imported to Nigeria shouldn’t be older than 10 years. Please ask the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS) for further details.
This is the homepage of the Nigerian Customs:

- Do not lock, foam, seal or weld the doors of vans, trucks, trailers! Inspection must be possible anytime.
- The port will not accept vehicles stuffed with goods whichever kind.
- Nigerian law does not allow th import of electronics inside cars. Used electronic / electric goods are banned items!
-All shipments to Nigeria must be accompanied by a Cargo Tracking Note (CTN)

Used cars imported to Senegal shouldn’t be older than 5 years, minibuses not older than 8 years, trucks not older than 10 years. Transit to The Gambia, Mali or Mauritania is possible.
Useful links:
Federation of International Trade Associations (FITA)
Muslim Trade Network:

Ivory Coast:
There is an age restriction on used vehicles:
Used cars up to 5 year old
Used minibusses and small trucks up to 7 year old
Used big trucks and busses up to 10 years old.

Customs will charge a high penalty fee if your vehicle is older!

Busers ask for slightly used or new cars. They prefer Volkswagen and Mercedes. Hybrid cars are wanted.
Always with a EUR1 customs document.



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